Vehicle Remapping Checklist
When booking in your car for remapping please ensure it is in a suitable condition.

Please make sure a full tank of fuel is in the vehicle that you normally use.

  • No major oil or water leaks.
  • Engine is in a sound mechanical condition has good oil pressure.
  • Please advise if the engine is a new build if it has been run in.
  • Please advise a full specification of the engine and installed components.
  • Normal service items are in good condition i.e. plugs leads fuel supply injector’s carburettors’ and throttle linkages.
  • Tyres transmissions clutches must all be in a suitable condition.
  • Where a standalone management system has been installed the system must be functioning and be able to communicate to a P.C.

Please note any faults that prevent us mapping your car can be repaired but at our normal costs. Rectifying these faults are not part of the remapping process when we quote a guideline price we expect the above to be correct and the vehicle to be ready to map. If required we can carry out an assessment before mapping consisting of a full engine diagnostic and rolling road checks at a cost of £150 + vat.

Our tuning process. Not to be confused with other tuning company’s offering cheap low cost tuning without testing your car correctly or having the ability to prove the results on a rolling road if we cannot proceed for any reason then the charges to stop after each stage are listed individually:

Prior to any tuning we will run vehicle health checks the vehicle needs to pass these checks before we can modify it we will not modify vehicles that have issues or poor maintenance.
In the workshop – fully equipped with mapping, tuning & diagnostic tools to carry out a diagnostic fault code scan, and check for any underlying problems including a vehicle safety inspection. Should faults be found that would prevent us carrying out the remap then the cost would be £48.

Next step is a ‘smoke test’ where we will test the car for leaks in the induction system, (AKA boost leaks) should any major leaks be found that cannot be easily fixed the cost at this point would be £90.
If all tests are passed at this point the vehicle will be road tested for drivability and underlying conditions.

(Must be road legal)

After that, we will set the car up on our rolling road, carry out two back to back base power runs, which will let us see how the car is running before tuning. This also gives us a base power figure so we can compare the gains after the remap and most importantly we can assess how safely the car is running. Should there be any problems at this stage or we find that the car has been remapped previously and is running well, then the cost would be £120.

Standard Generic Mapping: –
Our normal tuning process is carried out first. If the vehicle passes all the test’s we then read engine the management software re write the software and flash this updated software into your car. The car is then re tested on our rolling road comparing the results to the previous tests.

Custom mapping the optimum results available: –
Our normal tuning process is carried out first. If the vehicle passes all the test’s we then read engine the management software re write the software and flash this updated software into your car. The car is then re tested on our rolling road comparing the results to the previous tests. At this point we can change or tailor the software to suit the customer’s specific requirements and gain the most optimized results. Essential for modified cars or if you simply want the ultimate tune.

Feature mapping, added special features :-
The same process as the custom mapping but with added features ie :- pop \ crackle maps, left foot braking, launch control flat foot shifting, blip on the overrun .All subject to vehicle and what is available, please enquire.

Revo software: – Norfolk’s number 1 Revo dealer 19 years’ experience:-
Revo software covers VAG \ Ford cars and vans and Porsche. This software is extensively researched and developed by Revo and proven to work on each individual vehicle. We do not rolling road vehicles when we install this software we do however check fault codes and data log and set the software on the road to suit the type of fuel used. If your car has covered 30,000 miles plus or is four years old or over we recommend our tuning process. We offer this at a special rate when coupled with Revo software from £60 please ask for a quote

Fuel for tuning: –
We recommend using high octane fuel Shell v power \ BP ultimate \ Tesco momentum

Road worthy: –
All vehicles must be road worthy, taxed MOT and tires in good condition

Vehicle warranty :-
Does tuning affect my manufactures warranty? No matter what anyone says a tuned car can be detected if looked for enough, either by test drive and logging or inspection of the software some manufacturers have built in torque flags that can detect an increase in engine torque over standard tuning can also affect replacement parts that may have been fitted .

Responsible tuning:-
We do not map cars to a set power the car will be tuned to what is safe for the car and modifications. We cannot warrant engines but we can guarantee our remaps are safe at the time the car is mapped. Please note that if you choose to modify your car you have to accept that this is going to move it outside the manufacturers design and therefore will place more strain on components and drive train obviously the more mileage the car has covered the greater the risk for problems to arise and whilst we will always try to ensure the modifications are safe we cannot predict future failures.

Looking after your modified car: –
We recommend regular health checks (every 6 months) Service schedules for modified cars (greater than 30% gain over standard) must be shortened accordingly. All engine oils and filter should be replaced every 5k miles basis, transmission oils and plugs should be changed every 10k miles.
Cars with more than 50% increases in power should have health checks every 4k miles oil and filter changes as well as transmission oils and plugs.

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