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It measures the torque applied at the wheels on a wide open throttle run. From this, power is calculated to give you a power and torque curve. This can be shown at the wheels or the calculated at the flywheel numbers. The dyno measures the rundown losses and adds this measurement to the measured power at the wheels.Our rolling road enables us to test your car in real world conditions as close as possible to driving on the road whilst monitoring the fuelling with wideband lambda readers, ignition systems with oscilloscopes, knock detection with formula knock detection along with turbo boost and much more including compensation for air temperature and barometric pressure.Rolling Road Remapping Norwich

With over thirty years’ experience and constant research and development Clive Atthowe Tuning has some of the most sophisticated diagnostic and testing equipment in the UK, including one of only a handful of four wheel drive rolling roads in the country housed in a bespoke air flowed soundproof cell this give us the edge over open rolling road constructions with air temperatures held at sensible levels whatever the vehicle being tested. We can rolling road test and tune two and four wheel drive vehicles up to 1500 bhp giving accurate repeatable results of bhp and torque.

Please don’t confuse our rolling road with the normal rolling road set up we are using the latest sate of the art software and control systems designed specifically by Dastek and has taken considerable time to research and develop this gives us complete control over the rolling road no matter what vehicle we are testing giving controlled repeatable results.

As a Bosch trained master technician Clive Atthowe tuning has in depth background in fuel injection and turbo systems and are able to diagnose and repair almost any system. Bosch trained and with some of the best equipment available we have unrivalled experience in the testing of both standard and modified vehicles to ensure correct safe operation whilst producing the best power available.

Fuel injection and Turbocharged engines are our speciality but we can also carry out re-calibration and re-jetting on a number of popular carburettors including SU, Weber and Dellorto.
We are happy to host rolling road shoot outs to clubs wishing to organize one of these events we will require a minimum of twelve cars to participate please contact us for more details.


Please ensure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition. If you are unsure we can service/check your vehicle prior to testing.

  • A full tank of fuel
  • No major oil or water leaks
  • Check that the vehicle is getting full throttle
  • Please check ignition condition and use resistor plugs
  • Tyres must be in good condition
  • Please inform us of any problems before testing
  • Forced induction vehicles \ all boost hoses must be swaged so they don’t blow off
  • Vehicles with spoilers \ low bodywork please consider ground clearance you may have to remove items or raise the vehicle

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