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Golf R injector unusual failure

We recently had a 2014 Golf R in the workshop with running issues and both lean and rich mixture faults . After elimination external mixture control and seeing that the engine management could not control the mixture via fuel trim and having seen multiple injector issues on these engines we decided to remove and test…

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Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 Diagnostic dilemma

This weeks diagnostic dilemma :- This case study actually goes back eight months but i am only posting it now as we have been waiting for a new inlet manifold for all this time .       Originally we were asked to take a look at this vehicle as the customer had an ongoing…

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Diesel vehicles fuel contamination and using secondhand parts

Modern Diesel engines are operation at incredibly fine tolerances in order to achieve low tailpipe emissions injector are operation at ever increasing pressures and with small multi nozzle configurations to atomise the fuel.  As manufactures keep increasing service intervals including the mileage to change the diesel filter we are seeing more issues with restricted filters…

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Diesel engine intake carbon build up issues

  Diesel engine intake carbon build up issues,  we are seeing an increase I cases of inlet carbon build up in diesel engines coming through the workshop. With modern diesel engines running much more E.G.R to meet emissions requirements and extended service intervals along with poor quality fuel this seems to be on the increase….

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Audi-S7-Stalling -poor-starting-Turbo failure

In the workshop recently an Audi S7 V8 twin turbo customers complaint described as engine stalling and then difficult to start it was also mentioned that on starting an unusual noise was heard . The vehicle had been recovered to the workshop and initially after checking visually for any signs of issues alongside basic levels…

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DPF Damage caused by in tank additives

  Damaged Diesel Particulate Filters Since lockdown we are seeing more and more damaged DPF ‘s a lot more than normal. It’s very tempting in these tough times to try and save money and cut corners when your car goes wrong especially where DPF’s are concerned as most people realise that when that dreaded DPF…

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Audi VW Adblue \ SCR faults

VW Audi Add blue \ SCR faults Having Ad Blue faults with your VW or Audi group vehicle? we are seeing more and more issues with these systems and have invested considerable time and money in research and tooling to enable us to fully understand, diagnose and repair the Adblue systems. We have carried out…

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Stuart Mileham
Stuart M.
10:03 24 Sep 23
Craig Riches
Craig R.
09:46 24 Sep 23
Took my 2011 A7 into CAT for a DPF assessment and then they fitted in a stage 1 remap which was really good of them. They done a fantastic job, car is performing like never before. Now pushing out 310bhp and so smooth and responsive. MPG has also improved from average 36 to 42 which was nice bonus. Be going back for servicing and all future work.

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