Just thought I would drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the Revo remap on my Audi TT (green one about 4 weeks ago). Not only is there plenty more grunt but on my normal 40 mile daily commute I am now getting 2 mpg more than prior to the upgrade – another plus!

Kind regards
Roger Brummell-Bailey

Dear Clive,

Many thanks for all your efforts on my Saab.

I have driven it quite hard in circumstances that would certainly have caused the problem before and it has driven without any faults. I have never experienced the overboost before but it is certainly working now and the overall acceleration is much better. Very odd that the fuel filter could cause the problem but it certainly seems to have cured it. No need for tuning upgrades now I’m afraid !

Thank you for taking so much trouble to solve this.

Best wishes
Dr Alasdair Lennox

Dear Clive,

Would just like to thank yourself and Dan for an excellent remap on the Impreza, it runs great and pulls like a train all the way through to top end. A marked improvement from all areas of the rev range, the drive and performance are awesome.

The standard PPP map accomponied by supporting mods of a K&N typhoon and TSL centre and back box always meant it was running far to rich and had a ‘boggy’ response at low rpm, but thanks to you guys dialling everything in throttle response is so quick and crisp. An increase to 337hp puts it up there along with a big smile when depressing the loud pedal!!

Being a born and bread petrol head means I’ve always had a keen interest in details of tuning etc, so when you send your pride and joy into the garage its vital to know whats been done and how it was achieved! So I really appreciated the time you spent explaining how things went on the dyno and parameter adjustment etc, and it gives for excellent customer service.

This is the second Impreza I’ve had you remap and its been magic every time, i can’t recommend you enough!

Kind Regards
Rob Watts

Hi Clive

Just wanted to send a letter of thanks to you and Dan.

All running perfectly and just as Dan said, it was a bad tank of fuel that caused the problems. Thank you for your patience in doing the re-runs of software etc.. Your skills and customer service are excellent!
Loads more power, a silky smooth auto change up and no loss of mpg, brilliant! I have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends, it was definitely worth the mileage to come and see you.

Warm regards
Simon Byland

Just had my Octavia Vrs Mk1 mapped at Clive Atthowes in Norwich (Enginetuning.net – Clive Atthowe – Automotive Diagnostic Specialist). Well, what a difference its made. I had the trial map sometime ago and have been saving the Penny’s for the real thing. Compliments to the team and the professional service they offer. I drove in off the cuff and 20 minutes later away i went full of smiles. Driven gently and an increase in MPG, Put your foot down and Whoooooo its awesome

Prior to the remap i had done a fair bit of research on the forums and had emailed another company as they are not far away making enquiries with them and Clive. The reason i have gone Revo is down to the fact i had swift responses from Clive and answers to my questions but nothing from the other company. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but customer service makes all the difference to me even if the latter is supposed to be supposedly better.

Good Morning,

You may remember that you gave my Kia 4×4 a series of tests as it was losing coolant with no sign of leaks.
You suggested flushing the system and changing the thermostat.

This I did and found that the thermostat was permanently closed.The car now appears to be behaving itself.
A run back to France will be a good test.

Thank you so much.

Best Wishes
Tony Harris

You remapped my C22Od recently and I cannot believe the performance it has now even in auto mode. On the motorways it has so much power and pull. Is it right that it has about 335 lbs/ft of torque? Is that it for this car now or is there more that can enhance it even more?

Brilliant service and outcome.
Rhod Campbell

Dear Clive,

I am letting you know that the persistent problem of the Engine Management Light showing seems to have been resolved by yourselves.

Although my car was virtually new the Main Dealers were unable to trace the fault and with the demise of the manufacturer you were my ‘last resort’ so to speak.

I am delighted that Dan was able to eventually find the wiring problem relating to one of the oxygen sensors and to confirm all was fine when I revisited.

The car seems to perform better and run smoother. I am now enjoying driving it so much more, as I should with a new vehicle

Modern vehicles are so much more complex that it needs specialists such as yourselves to give us peace of mind!

My thanks to all involved and I shall be certainly be promoting your good work to my friends and colleagues.
Peter Harrison


Would just like to say many thanks for the work you’ve just done on my car. Only driven it a few miles since picking it up, but I’m really pleased with it.

Dan really knows his stuff, took time to explain what was needed and why, listened and clearly enjoys his work.

I was apprehensive about taking such a specialist car to a garage, but after you came recommended on Scoobynet website I decided to give you a go.

You clearly know your performance cars and I’ll certainly be making yours my garage of choice.

Many thanks and see you again soon.

Hi Clive,

Just a quick update after two days driving, fuel use comparisons will take two weeks, the vehicle feels much more positive as soon as you pull away and this feeling is sustained in normal driving.

Every vehicle has a speed that it naturally feels comfortable at and previously in the Smart it was between 45-50mph, this is the speed you would find you were doing on the open road, now however it is 60mph.
This is a considerable relief to other road users behind me I imagine…

Fuel consumption indications on the scan gauge are as before with between 69 and 82mpg trips being made, yesterday we travelled to Cromer and the average was 73mpg so certainly the initial indication is that the mpg is not affected except when we use the additional power. I would anticipate mpg will improve in line with your explanation as time progresses.

The whole purpose for us of having this done was to increase acceleration when entering traffic from a side road, this has been achieved and the vehicle now is considerably safer in that respect, much to my wife’s relief.

Very best wishes to you and Dan for Christmas.
Tony Risebrow